Been There Done That.

Chris Resop knows a little thing or two about moving. So much that he has done it at least 30 times in his 14 year MLB career. Getting traded and moving teams is exciting, but no one said it is easy. With a wife, kids, and pets, last minute moving is nothing but a walk in the park.

Chris moved for many reasons including trades, spring training, or just finding a place to call home during the off-season. Through his career he learned the true challenges every athlete faces when they relocate.

As his career came to a close, and focusing on his family became the next step, Chris traded in his bat for a supra key, and so began his real estate career.

What is the hardest part? “Finding [a realtor] who has your best interest in mind,” Resop said, “because you’ll never see the house. I never saw a house until I got there.” He put his knowledge and passion to help others to work. In December, he found a Boston-area lease. William Raveis Real Estate has also found estates for retired first baseman and ESPN analyst Mark Teixeira and Eli Manning, quarterback of the New York Giants.

“Chris Resop and his agent network were absolute professionals and found my family exactly what we were looking for,” Sale said. “His team was highly knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with.”

William Raveis Sports + Entertainment Division was born soon after Chris found his niche in the relocation industry. Now he is Vice President of the division he envisioned for professional athletes and entertainers. A true one-stop shop for relocation need the division offers help is all aspects of moving whether it’s buying, renting, or selling homes; moving furniture and vehicles; unpacking; getting insurance and a mortgage; and more, the division does it all.

Confidentiality finds itself at the forefront of the divisions mission. “Their lives are an open book,” Chris said. “You can find everything out about players, and its like, gosh, you’re in the spotlight 24 hours a day.”

Chris knows home should be a place of peace and quiet, which is why the team does everything possible to keep any leaks on a player’s location. In efforts to avoid any leaks, all involved parties sign non-disclosures. “It’s like a behavioral agreement too. [You] don’t ask for autographs or tickets. [I] don’t want someone to be starstruck and all of the sudden it’s all over the Internet.”

Chris has always given back to any community he has lived in. Charity also plays a large role in the Sport + Entertainment Division. With every transaction, William Raveis Realty will donate to player’s charity of choice.

“This is going to be a great opportunity to give back and … help former teammates and guys coming up,” Resop said. “[I also want to] take off some of the stress of finding places to live that most guys incur every year.”